Snorkeling with Whale Sharks – Once in a Lifetime Experience

Snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks is a dream of many ocean lovers and adventure seekers. There is only one place in the Baja where you can reliably swim or snorkel with whale sharks. Many people from all over the world travel to Cabo’s Mexico and take the shuttle to La Paz to swim along with these gentle giants- the magnificent whale shark. In Cabo San Lucas, snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks has become a very popular tourist activity. Guests are picked up at their hotels anywhere around the Cabo area and taken directly to the famous Island Cat, a large and spacious sailing catamaran. Island Cat operates the excursions. When the whale sharks are located, ( has NEVER missed finding them during whale shark season), guests are transferred to a smaller dive boat to get up close and allow swimmers to get in the water right beside them.
swimming with whalesharksUnderwater with Whale Sharks:
The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean. It is also rare. Whale sharks are an endangered fish species, but plentiful in the Bay of La Paz, in Baja, Mexico, just a 90-minute ride from Cabo San Lucas. Whale sharks grow to 40 feet and longer. They weight more than 20 tons and normally have a lifespan of more than 100 years. The whale shark is migratory. They are known to be deep divers, but every year they feed right along the surface in the Bay of La Paz in a specific location well known to and its parent operator Now is the right time to enjoy this special adventure.  Whale shark season runs from November thru March and into April. You too can have the fantastic experience of swimming along beside the largest fish in the world.
Underwater with Whale SharksIs it Safe?
Yes, it is safe for humans to swim or snorkel with whale sharks. They are not aggressive and seem to enjoy having swimmers alongside. Having bad vision and ten-centimeter thick skin, these giant sea creatures will still notice you while swimming or snorkeling beside them, but no worries, you are not on the menu. They filter plankton-rich water at the surface, going back and forth like a farmer plowing a field. It is easy to get up close, but please refrain from touching them or using flash photography (it can be disturbing and worrisome for them.)

Whale Shark BajaNormally, snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks in the Baja is a full day activity, which starts early in the morning when you are picked up at your resort, hotel, condo, or home and driven to your boat, standing by in the Bay of La Paz. By contacting a reliable tour operator, like, and, you will enjoy a memorable experience with the giant, yet gentle, whale shark.

Things to remember to enjoy a memorable experience with whale sharks:

1. Keep a 5-foot minimum distance between the whale shark and yourself

2. When near reefs, please do not touch or kick the corals

3. Follow your instructor. Proper guidance is a must for enjoying a safe experience with whale sharks

4. Take care to enter the water slowly when your instructor tells you its time. Avoid jumping from the boat.
Whale Shark CaboBy booking a guided tour package from Cabo, for swimming and snorkeling with whale sharks, you will have fun, and enjoy the Experience of a Lifetime., and are the most reputable and responsible tour operators in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. Their excursions are ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning everything from meals to equipment, to an open bar and a marine biologist on board as your hostess and snorkel leader, is included. To get more information about a guided whale shark excursion trip from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, call U.S. (Toll Free Number) – 541.325.73369 or email




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