Swimming with Whale Sharks

You can swim with whale sharks when vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Los Barriles, or La Paz, in Baja, Mexico. The whale shark is the largest fish species on the planet. They are gentle in nature and pose no-threat to humans. Whale sharks are not actually whales, but they can be as large as most whale species. Technically, the whale shark is a shark by definition. A whale is a mammal. A shark is a fish. However, you needn’t worry about the shark definition as whale sharks have no real teeth and they are extremely passive. Here is an overview of your best resource for swimming with whale sharks:


Enjoy an outstanding ALL INCLUSIVE cruise, on a large and spacious sailing catamaran, and snorkel with the largest fish in the world! The whale shark filters surface water for microscopic plankton, which allows guests to swim beside these rare and gentle giants. The PREMIER tour of its kind, the Island Cat whale shark excursion includes a cruise of approximately 4.5 hours, and includes savory organic meals, a skilled and educated crew, and a marine biologist. There is nothing to bring. Island Cat provides it all, an attendant dive boat, outstanding meals, bottled water, beer, sodas, an open bar, private bathrooms, fresh water showers, laundered towels, all the equipment needed. Truly a lifetime experience!


Your tour also includes ground transportation to and from your hotel, resort, or home. On board Island Cat you will enjoy a light breakfast of fruit, yogurt and pastries as you set sail for the whale shark feeding area. After the captain’s orientation, your hostess, a marine biologist and snorkel leader, will share valuable information on the Sea of Cortez and pertinent details pertaining directly to whale sharks.

When the first whale sharks are spotted, guests will board a companion dive boat, to get up close and personal with these large and magnificent creatures. Boarding ladders allow easy access to and from the water. Your snorkel leader will typically enter the water first to assist guests as needed. Every guest wanting to swim or snorkel alongside a whale shark will be encouraged to do so. Fresh water showers are immediately available when re-boarding Island Cat, as are fresh laundered towels, shampoo, soaps, etc.


Once everyone has had their own personal experience with a whale shark, a delicious lunch of several prepared dishes will be served. Included throughout the day are snacks, chips, salsas, guacamole, soft drinks, beer, bottled water, ice, and an open bar. Weather, and time-permitting, the sails will be raised for a dramatic return cruise to the resort at Costa Baja where guests will board our private ground transportation for their return trip to the Cabo area. At guest request, your driver will stop at the mythical Hotel California on the way back. This is the hotel made famous by the Eagles popular song of the same name.

FYI — Fruits and vegetables for the tour are sourced from local farms and delivered daily. There is organic chicken delivered daily and prepared on board in various ways, along with multiple side dishes. Snorkel gear, flotation vests, powered attendant boats, beach towels, layout mattresses, cushions and pillows are all included.

Email us today at IslandCatBaja@gmail.com, or call U.S. 541.325.7369 to book the Adventure of a Lifetime!



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